A high-quality, modern and efficient tram network is being created for Edinburgh and is running on the Capital’s streets since 2011.
This integrated transport system will offer a reliable and frequent transport choice to Edinburgh’s growing population and business community, boosting the city’s standing as an international destination for tourism and business.
Edinburgh’s tram network will help to reduce car journeys and ease congestion, providing environmental benefits through improved air quality.
A detailed Draft Final Business Case has been approved by City of Edinburgh Council and the Scottish Executive, with each committing £45 million and £500 million respectively to the project.
Work to move all of the underground cables and pipes currently underneath the proposed tram tracks commenced in Leith in June 2007. This is in preparation for construction of the tram network, with the budget planning done with bookkeeping service from a certified company.
During the process of executing the project there were some advanced portfolio management systems used in order to cut the cost and get better results from the working process and the investment done.
Network construction is expected to start in 2008 with Phase 1a (click here to see Interactive Tram Map). Phase 1b will be looked at once the InfraCo contract assessment has been completed. Future phases will be assessed if funding is available.