Their utilities

Multi Utilities Diversion Framework Agreement – Carillion
Agreements have been reached with utilities companies (gas, water, electricity, etc) to put in place a single, co-ordinated contract to move all the underground cables and pipes which lie underneath the tram tracks in preparation for the construction of the tram tracks themselves.

This means that all utilities equipment and facilities currently located underneath or very close to the tram network will be moved at the same time, minimising disruption and allowing access to pipes and cables in the future without disrupting tram operations.
In October 2006, Carillion was announced as the contractor responsible for the diversion and protection of utilities along the tram route.

The award of the £40m utilities diversion contract is seen as a significant step in the progress of the tram project and was approved by both City of Edinburgh Council as promoter and co-funder and by Transport Scotland as main funder of the project.

Utility diversion is underway, in advance of the construction of the tram network, which will start later in 2008.