The city of Edinburgh is thriving, and its growing population has a need for new business, residential and leisure developments. Public transport needs to continue expanding to meet this growth and enable easy access to those areas of the city that are developing.

The introduction of trams in other cities has encouraged business investment, created new jobs, had a positive impact on a city’s image and status, assisted in regeneration and encouraged economic growth.

Some Benefits of Trams

Business opportunities increase with improved access for customers and employees.

Trams enhance the urban environment and generate civic pride.

Trams will be an attractive option for motorists, with car users likely to be attracted to tram travel. Research shows 20% of peak hour and 50% of weekend tram passengers in the UK previously travelled by car.

Trams will encourage people to travel to the city centre. Dublin saw a rise of between 20% – 35% in pedestrian footfall figures on Grafton Street, the city’s main shopping thoroughfare, with some retailers reporting a 25% increase in trade.

Residential and commercial properties may see prices increase beside tram routes. In some cities with trams, house prices have risen by up to 15% and rental prices by up to 7%.

As trams run on electricity, there will be no emissions from the vehicles themselves.

Trams will be accessible to everyone, with benefits of low level boardings at every stop and other easy to use features of particular help to the disabled and less mobile.

Trams will be safe to use as, in addition to a driver, every tram will have a passenger attendant on board to check tickets, answer passenger queries and ensure no anti-social behaviour occurs.